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I just love this… Why do I always love the wierd ones?
My mom always asks me that and I always say “Because someone has to.”
This guy started out completely cute, and just got awkward somewhere between seasons of “Home Improvement,” eventually, his role on the show was one of a shy, goth teenager.   When the show finally ended, Taran was free to be creepy on his own, and boy did he!
Like a lot of kiddlets in Hollywood, Taran sued his parents for his “fortune,” moved his folks out of the family home, (a home that “he” bought at the age of 12-years-old) and at 17, he married a vegan woman 16 years his senior and moved her into the home where they ran an illegal vegan restaurant and catering service, making “Cheesy Cheese” their own vegan cheese product… from nuts.  Um… Did I already say creepy?  Long story short… they got busted, they got divorced, the house went into foreclosure, he stayed creepy.
Best of luck to Taran Noah Smith… perhaps if his parents had given him a boy’s name to begin with, he may have fared better.
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